STAR Companion Pro

This is the documentation for the STAR Companion Pro release 1.24 running on Windows NT and Windows 95/98. The documentation is assembled into the categories listed below. Click on a category to view the text for that topic.


The STAR Companion Pro is a 32-bit Windows application developed by Sirius Software, Inc. This software offers a unique set of functions that extend the capabilities of the STAR program used by the USTA. The STAR Companion Pro allows its user to (1) publish STAR rank/standings lists and player records on the World Wide Web, (2) directly import into STAR of players and match results from either TMS for Windows or TMS for DOS, (3) obtain backups of published TMS tournaments using the Internet, (4) modify the actual STAR ranking list to reflect any appeals, (5) experiment with a points per round (PPR) system for ranking that is compatible with STAR. Additional features are incrementally added to perform additional functions that are difficult to perform in STAR.

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