To order TMS, contact us by phone using the contact information below. International customers can contact us via phone or email.


Publication at TMS is subject to an annual service subscription of $59.95 USD. With your subscription, you get:

  • Registration of your TMS product.
  • Access to all TMS upgrades.
  • Access to free technical support via email.
  • A $120 credit towards publishing tournament information and draws to TennisInformation.com. (This credit expires after 12 months if not used.)

Publishing Fees

There is a fee for publishing tournaments with TMS to TennisInformation.com. This fee is based on the number of players participating in the tournament. The maximum amount of this fee is $0.75 per player which may be reduced for large volume situations. (Note that the fee is based only on the number players - not the number of events in which those players participate.)

Software Updates

All software updates are at no charge to the TMS user.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Once the annual pre-publishing service fee for TMS is paid and registration codes are given, Sirius Software's policy is to allow no cancellations or refunds.

Technical Support

Technical support is available by calling (770) 993-5723. The fee for telephonic support is $1.50 per minute, so have your questions ready including detailed error messages, if any. Telephonic support must be purchased in blocks of 10 minutes for $15.00 or 100 minutes for $100.00 - we will keep track of unused minutes that never expire. Email support is currently at no charge by emailing to support@tennisinformation.com or julie@tennisinformation.com. We will attempt to answer email support within 24 hours. It is recommended that you send a backup of your tournament with the request along with a detailed explanation of the problem.


Julie Wrege
Sirius Software, Inc.
P.O. Box 71912
Marietta, GA 30007-1912
Telephone: (770) 993-5723 (Office)
Email: julie@tennisinformation.com

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