STAR Companion Pro

To install the STAR Companion Pro, you must download two installation programs from our web site. The first program can be downloaded by going to our download area and selecting "Sirius.exe" - the Sirius Common Utilities.

This program is approximately 5 megabytes in size. Running this program will install a set of common files that are used in all of our applications. Nothing visible will be installed by running this application. The main purpose for this program is to make the size of all our other installation and update programs relatively small.

The second installation, the one that actually contains the STAR companion, can be downloaded by selecting "CompanionPro.exe" - STAR Companion Pro.

This file is approximately 1.7 megabyte is size. After running this installation program, a blue icon with stars labeled STAR Companion Pro will appear on you desktop and in the Tennis Programs folder of the Start Menu.

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