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Getting Started

What should I do first if I want to create a tournament?

From the menu bar at the top of the page, select File|New Tournament. The Tournament Setup Wizard will easily lead you through creating the tournament, selecting events and setting entry fees.

After creating my tournament, what is the next thing I should I do?

A list of events in your tournament will be displayed on the screen. Note that useful information is listed next to each event: whether or not the draw is made, the number of entrants, and the draw type. Click on the Players button in the right column and the screen will split top and bottom. If there are already some players in the highlighted event, they will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Now you can add more entrants into this event.

How do I put brand new players into TMS for Windows?

Click on Player|Add Player from the menu bar at the top of the screen. A blank sheet in the player file will be displayed for this new player's data.

How do I put players into event(s)?

With the event list displayed at the top and the players in this event displayed below, locate the player in the Player File. Highlight the proper event in the event list and click on the Add button in the right column of the screen to add this player to this event. Or you can hold down the Alt key and hit A.

I used to use TMS for DOS. Do I have to enter all these players again, or can I import this player data into TMS for Windows 95?

You can easily import the player data. You need to locate one of the player files from DOS [players.tnt] or have it available on a floppy disk. Under File|Import select Players from TMS for DOS. Follow the prompts and your players will automatically be imported.

How do I pair up players in a doubles' team?

After entering two players into the doubles' event, highlight one of the players, hit the Enter key, and the Player Information dialog will allow the pairing of partners.


How do I seed a player?

Enter the all the players into the event. Highlight the player to be seeded, hit the Enter key, and the Player Information dialog will allow you to enter the seed number for this player. The seeded player will now be placed above the other players alphabetically on the players' list.

How do I do alphabetical seeding?

Seed all players in a group with the highest number, e.g., for 5-8 alpha seeding, number all players #5; for 9-16 alpha seeding, number all players #9.


How do I put players into groups?

Once you have entered all your players, you can create groups automatically. With the group list displayed, hit the Generate button and choose the method of creating groups. Or, with the group list displayed at the top and the players in this group displayed below, locate the player in the Player File. Highlight the proper group in the group list and click on the Add button in the right column of the screen to add this player to this group.

How do I have TMS automatically separate the top 4 in my draw groups?

To separate the top four from a section automatically, you must have created groups for each of the sections. [You can do this automatically if you have entered the section for each player in the player's file.] To do this, click on the "G" at the bottom of the window and select "Generate" and the automatically generate by section. Then go into each group (double click on the group name) and you can rank the players in the group like you seed players in the event. Double click on the #1 player's name and enter the rank in the group.

Screen Layout

I can't see enough of TMS on my monitor. Is there anything I can do?

There are two solutions that can help you see more on your screen.

  • It may be possible for you to change the resolution on your monitor. To try to see if this is possible, go onto the desktop and right click; then select Properties. A window will pop up and select the Settings tab. Then slide the Desktop bar to change the resolution. At least 800 X 600 pixels are recommended for TMS for Windows.
  • By default, the Player File is always available on the left of the screen. You can reduce the width of either of the two left areas by grabbing the splitter bar and sliding it to the left. To do this, position the mouse cursor over the vertical bar between the Player File and the event list; the cursor will change to a left-right arrow with two vertical bars in between. Press and hold down the left mouse button, and drag the bar to the left as far as desired.

What do the letters at the bottom of the center of the screen do?

These buttons correspond to the View menu items in the TMS main menu. These letters act as hot keys to quickly change what is shown in the right pane of the main window.

  • E - Event listing
  • G - Group listing
  • D - Displays draw for the event that is highlighted in event list
  • C - Courts available
  • N - Matches (rounds) planned for scheduling
  • S - Scheduling
  • L - Overall player list for check-in
  • K - Tournament Desk

What are the buttons on the right of some of the screens used for? Why are they separated?

These buttons activate various functions having to do with the screen that is currently being shown. The top/bottom separation reminds you that the top buttons activate functions in their portion of the screen. For example, when the events are listed at the top and there is a player area at the bottom:

  • Print: There are two print buttons shown when the event list is being displayed. The Print Draw button will preview the draw that is highlighted at the time; the Print List button will print an alphabetical list of the entrants in the highlighted event.
  • New vs. Add: Selecting New will allow you to add a new event to the event list. Selecting Add inserts the player showing in the Player Inspector into the event that is highlighted.
  • Delete vs. Remove: Selecting Delete eradicates the event that is presently highlighted. Selecting Remove will remove a highlighted player from the bottom of the screen.


A default or withdrawal occurs in the main draw of an event that has a consolation. After I put the score in the main draw, can I eliminate the player(s) name(s) from the consolation draw so that this match will not schedule?

Yes. After you input the score in the main draw, go to the consolation event. Locate the player(s) and right click on the player(s) that withdrew or defaulted. Select 'Change Player on Draw Line' and replace the player(s) with a bye.

What do I do if I have a different number of courts available at different times during a single day?

Click on C at the bottom of the screen to View Site/Court Planning. Now click down in the white box below Court Specification, and then click New button in the right column. Enter the start and end times for the number of courts available. To add or subtract courts, click on New and enter another court specification for this time period. Continue until you have this day complete.

I notice that after completing my scheduling for a day that the number of courts used (red) never seems to go above the number available (blue). How do I know that I am getting the Garman numbers each half-hour?

You are correct that TMS will not ever overschedule. After some experimentation, to get the Garman settings of 90 minute match duration, under Event Properties|Event Profiles, set the Average Match Time to 80 minutes and the Range of Match Time to 40 minutes.

It rained until noon and I had to reschedule some of the next day's matches before all of today's were completed. Why did some of today's matches show up on tomorrow's schedule at all of my sites?

This insures that you do not forget to reschedule these matches. Any remaining unplayed matches at the end of a day will be displayed for scheduling on the next day.

The Internet

I use America Online to access the Internet and I'm not able to access the Tennis Information Server to perform checks of USTA numbers or publish my tournament or draws. Do you know what could be the problem?

You are probably running an old version of America Online. It has a new version for use with Windows 95. Download this version and access to the Tennis Information Server will be available.

How do I publish my tournament on the Internet?

It's easy. Be sure that your Internet access is active. Then from the menu bar at the top of the TMS screen, select Internet. Then select Publish Tournament. If this is the first time that you have used the Internet with TMS today, then you will be asked for your TIS Password. Enter it in the space provided and click on OK. Now you will see a blue dashed scroll bar proceed across the bottom window as your tournament is being published. When it is through, your tournament will be published on the TIS home page.

I published my tournament on the Internet. Why can't I access my draws on the Internet?

After publishing your tournament, you must also publish the draws. This gives you the ability to display the names of all the events on the Internet, but only allow access to the draws that have been made and/or scheduled. To publish a draw, highlight an event in the Event List and then select Draw|Print Draw. The draw will be shown in previewed on the screen. Now click on the globe just to the left of the Close button. The graphical representation of this draw will be sent to the Tennis Information Server. Now click on the Close button. Repeat for each draw that you want to publish on the Internet. [Or you can choose Print All Draws and publish all draws at once.]

Can I get another license for TMS over the Internet?

Yes. Send an email to containing the following information: club name, club ID and password. Information will be returned that allows you to get another license over the Internet.

Miscellaneous Questions

I put in a score on the wrong match. How do I delete the score and the winner?

Select the match with the score you want to delete. Type backspace-enter-backspace-enter and the completed match will be erased.

How often should I backup my tournament?

Even though your data is constantly saved to your hard drive, it is suggested that you frequently back up to your hard drive. To do this, select File|Backup Tournament and select a directory on your hard drive. [Note: You only need to back up to a floppy disk if you want to move your tournament data from one machine to another.]

Sometimes I don't know what to do on a certain screen. How do I access help?

On any screen you can press the F1 function key and help for that area of the screen will be available.

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