Tournament Management System

  • Provides simple access to player information
  • Makes draws according to mandated rules
  • Handles all draw types: single elimination, first match consolation, first round consolation, modified consolation, full feedin, compass, round robin, and change-partner round robin
  • Separates groups within draws
  • Allows the tournament director to manually override or remake draws
  • Includes both automatic and manual scheduling
  • Supports scheduling at multiple sites for larger tournaments
  • Graphically displays court availability and usage
  • Includes an electronic tournament desk
  • Produces draw sheets approved by sanctioning bodies
  • Prints draw sheets using color and custom text appearances
  • Generates quick and readable reports so that anyone can give out information
  • Publishes tournament draws and other reports on the World Wide Web
  • Accesses player records and downloads player information over the Internet


  • First / Next Match Times
  • Match Cards
  • Match Sheet
  • Press Reports
  • Address Labels
  • Check-in Lists
  • Fees Owed
  • Event Lists
  • Group Lists
  • Draw Sheets
  • Other Custom Reports

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