Girls' 14 Singles
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Nicole Leimbach 2001 USTA Junior Final Ranking

Top players: 1. Nicole Leimbach, 2. Jennifer Larson, 3. Britney Larson, 4. Stacia Fonseca, 5. Alana VanDervort

Published on May 1, 2001 at 6pm.
This list includes 236 eligible players and 18812 match results.

USTA National Singles Rankings are calculated monthly and are based on match results in sanctioned events in the division ranked. Only events that use a match format of the best of three or more sets and that had a starting date during the previous 12 months are used. In order to be ranked, you must have accumulated 22 event participation points and must have at least two wins over other players who have accumulated 22 event participation points in your age group. Information on event participation point assignments may be found in the USTA Yearbook and the USTA National Junior Tournament Schedule.

Player records, without rankings, of all eligible players will be published in a preliminary listing about 15 days after the end of each ranking period (e.g., on or before Feb. 15, 2000 for the 12 months ending Jan. 31, 2000) and players have until the 25th of the month (Feb. 25, 2000 in this example) to submit corrections to their records. If a player does not appear on this preliminary list, the player?s record, as it stands in the ranking database, has not met the minimum event participation and win requirements for a National Ranking. The final rankings will be published on or before the first day of the following month (e.g., March 1 for the 12 months ending Jan. 31, 2000).

If you find that your record is in error or incomplete you are urged to submit record corrections or additions to USTA Junior Rankings, 7310 Crandon Blvd., Key Biscayne, FL 33149, e-mail to (girls) or (boys), or FAX to (305) 365-8781. Corrections and additions must be received at the ranking office within the correction period if they are to be included in the final rankings.

NOTE: Unless results were submitted via player records prior to February 15, 2000 for January Level 5 and 6 events, these results will not appear in this current publication. Please submit any results from these events that occurred on or before January 31, 2000 by the February 25th deadline. Unfortunately, technical difficulties did not permit us the time to download any Level 5 events that were posted to the Internet. Level 6 events are only accepted via player record.

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