BOYS 18   BOYS 16   BOYS 14   BOYS 12   GIRLS 18   GIRLS 16   GIRLS 14   GIRLS 12 is proud to present its Recruiting and Standings Lists for United States Tennis. These lists use a weighted head-to-head ranking algorithm to determine the top junior tennis players in the U.S. We expect these lists - updated weekly on Tuesday mornings - to be an important tool in college recruiting and tournament seeding.

The Recruiting and Standings Lists have several important characteristics:

  • These lists use a head-to-head system rather than a points system: the quality of your opponents matters while the round that you reach in a particular tournament does not.
  • A key differentiator of this system when compared to other head-to-head systems like STAR is that there is additional emphasis on winning matches. Your best eight wins during the past year are a component in the ranking.
  • Another differentiator is that recent wins are more significant than older wins.
  • These lists include play in all age divisions from the past twelve months.
  • To be eligible for a recruiting or standings list, a player must: (1) compete in at least three tournaments during the twelve-month period, (2) win at least four matches, (3) be age-eligible, and (4) compete in at least one tournament for the age division.

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